Get Taller To Be Thinner

Looking taller automatically makes you look thinner by stretching your size over a longer area. For example, a 145 pound woman who is 5’9″ tall looks thinner than a woman who weighs the same amount but is 5′ 1″ tall. Here are some ways to get taller:

• Wear shoes with heels or platform soles, even ½ inch makes a difference. High or low heels, wedges, chunky or delicate heels, thick or slim platform soles are all great options. Choose styles that you like and are comfortable for you.

• Lengthen pants so the hems are about 1-inch above the floor behind your heel. This will make your legs look a lot longer. Note, you may need to have different pants for high and low heeled shoes.

• Avoid horizontal stripes at all costs! Choose fabrics with vertical or diagonal stripes. Anything from subtle pin stripes to wide bold stripes to can be flattering. Even patterns with vertical elements can work.

Just these three tips can make you appear to be 3 to 4 inches taller than you really are. That translates into making you look about one size smaller. What other ways do you have to look taller? Please share what worked for you!

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