Slimming Colors

Black is slimming. And there is a rainbow of other colors that give you the same effect – any deep color will give you the same slimming result as black. Any of the colors of the outer ring of the color wheel below will work.

Monochromatic Dressing

Monochromatic dressing is wearing the same color from head to toe. This strategy works with any color and creates a long lean look. The deeper the color, the thinner you will look. Try this strategy with chocolate brow, navy blue, eggplant, burgundy, olive green, etc. This technique also works when wearing clothing all in the same color as your skin tone.

Monotone Dressing

Monotone dressing is wearing a mix of colors with the same depth. Meaning, all the colors used have the same lightness or darkness. Mix black, chocolate brow, navy blue, eggplant, burgundy, charcoal gray, etc. All the deep colors look great together, so you can be as traditional or creative in your color combinations as your comfort level allows.

For the most slimming results, skip shinny fabrics like satin, solid sequins, lame, vinyl. Stick to matte fabrics (materials that don’t reflect light) such as suede, knits and twill to look your thinnest.

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