Testimonial – Kimberly’s New Image Makes Her Soul Sing

“Before, I looked at getting dressed as just a way to cover my body and didn’t put much effort or thought into it. I was just coming out of a five-year period of deep healing. I needed help expressing the beautiful result of my internal transformation in an external way.

Kimberly’s new image maintained the relaxed comfort that she loved and incorporated flattering, feminine and fun elements to reflect her inner evolution.

“Sarah not only helped me figure out what to and not to wear, she helped me find out what clothes, accessories, hair, makeup and shoes (oh, the shoes!) resonate with my spirit. I discovered a way of dressing I had never imagined. Now, I feel more like myself, more confident, more enthusiastic about my life, and more in-tune with my own soul. I didn’t realize how much valuing what I wear would change my life.”

Kimberly Quiring is an Ordained Interfaith Minister, Intuitive Spiritual Counselor and Certified Soul Coach. By accessing information beyond the five senses and delving into the realm of the soul, hidden meanings surface and new insights emerge. She works by connecting people to their soul’s truth so that they may align their outer daily life with their inner spiritual life. For more about Kimberly, please visit www.serviceyoursoul.com.

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