What Does Your Picture Say About You And Your Business?

The adage says “a picture is worth a thousand words.” So, what does your picture say about you and your business? Does it say what you think it says?

Many people use photographs of themselves in their marketing and sales materials, websites, business cards and social media sites. Potential customers and business associates use your photographs to judge you, your character, personality, business style, level of success and your professionalism.

The thought is that potential customers will understand and connect with you when they see the face behind the business. If your picture reflects an accurate representation of you, then the photograph can be an asset. If it doesn’t, it can be a liability.

Let’s do an experiment to see this process in action. Here’s a picture from an advertising flier. Based on this photograph, what is the business about? What do they sell? Check back tomorrow to find out what they really do.

The Answer

This picture is from a marketing flier for a computer company. The photograph creates confusion because the business is high-tech, yet everything in and about the photograph is old-fashioned – the composition, background, photo style and wardrobe.

Every detail of a photograph contributes to the impression that the viewer takes away – the look in your eyes, posture, attire, hair style, makeup, setting, photo style, etc.

Pictures work best when they accurately reflect who you are and the business you conduct. Are you creative, analytical, stable, approachable? Is your business modern, traditional, high-tech, artistic, revolutionary, safe, eco-friendly? Your picture should say so.

Note: this exercise is not a comment or speculation about the actual character, personalities, capabilities or competencies of the people in the photograph.

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