Shape Wear That Shapes You The Right Way

Some underwear, body shapers and pantyhose squeeze out more than they smooth out. Often, they actually create bumps and bulges that you don’t really have. The wrong underwear and foundation garments can create back-boobs, tummy rolls, muffin-tops, visible panty lines and other random bulges. These bumps and bulges make you look heavier and more out of shape than you really are.

If you wear “shape wear” (modern girdles), opt for smoothers instead of shapers. They have lighter control so they smooth rather than squeeze. You can even buy them one size “too big” so you get a smoothing effect rather than a squeezing effect.

If you want to smooth the waist or tummy area, choose the full body shaper or high-waist bike shorts that extend from the bottom bra band to mid-thigh. This style will smooth the entire torso without creating VPLs or the dreaded bulges at the waist. If you want to smooth just the hips and bottom, opt for the regular bike shorts or capri style shaper that extends from the waist to the mid thigh or calf.

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  1. I was going to purchase the Spanx ‘Slim Cognito Seamless Mid-Thigh Bodysuit’. I was curious to know if it will help you look like you have lost 5 to 10 pounds. Could you give me your thoughts and opinions on Spanx and which one you purchased? Thank you.

    • Hi Shapewear, I haven’t tried the Slim Cognito. It looks like it’s made from light-weight fabric , which works best for shape wear. Typically, classic Spanx shapers are made from fabric that is so powerful it squeezes too much and ends up making you look lumpier. The lighter weight fabric of the Slim Cognito looks like it will smooth rather than squeeze…it’s definitely worth a try.

      Let me know what happens!

    • Has anyone used adryss body magic shaper? Does it work or does it suck?I was thinking about getting one but I haven’t been able to find reviews from people that have used it, and i really dont want to get ripped off. Does it work or does it suck?

  2. I know this is a crazy question but I really need help. I had my Spanx on the laundry room floor and my dog peed on them. I’ve washed them 3 times and I can’t get the pee smell out. I’ll try anything because they’re ruined anyways if I can’t get the smell out. I’ve thought about trying bleach but I’m not sure. Please help! I love my Spanx!

    • I have heard the spanx work really great thuogh I have not used them myself I would say give them a try before the event and if it does not work that gives you time to find something else. Hope this helps T

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