Testimonial – Studio NiaMoves Gets On TV…A Lot!

“I had contacted the press at least 30 times over 3 years with no results. Then I worked with Sarah. She taught me what producers really want and how to get my business on TV. Since then, we have been on TV 14 times and have been featured in more than 5 articles. Wahoo! I shifted my approach with the media from promoting the studio to offering interesting information about hot topics that were related to offerings at the studio. We are now regularly contacted by news organizations looking for stories. Sarah Shah ROCKS!” – Kristie Bryant, Owner and Nia Teacher, Studio NiaMoves.

Studio NiaMoves is a fun fitness studio in the Houston Heights with an eclectic offering of classes. When you walk into a class at NiaMoves, you will find all types of people, mostly women, different sizes, shapes, and fitness levels. We love to make moving your body a pleasurable experience. Come check us out! The July Special for Houston-area clients who are new to the studio is two weeks of free classes good for Nia, Yoga, Pilates and Zumba. For more info, go to www.NiaMoves.com

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