Look Thinner In The Bedroom

It’s sexy underwear season! That can bring out your inner Vixen/Fox or send you running scared down the rabbit hole. The truth is, there’s a way to feel confident and sexy in lingerie and sleepwear, no matter your size or shape. It’s all about picking the right pieces and playing up your assets. Here are some strategies for women and men to dress the body you have to look like the sexy body you want.

Choose Matte Fabrics
Shiny materials make every part – good and bad – look worse by highlighting imperfections and making your body look bigger. Matte fabrics always make you look sleeker and slimmer.

Get The Right Coverage
If you want some coverage for “flawed” areas, choose flowy fabrics that hang beautifully like light-weight knits. Translucent fabrics, like organza, lace or eyelet, work well too because they give you the feeling of being covered without making your body look bigger. Skip crisp cotton, terry cloth or velvet because they make you look bigger.

Open or Closed?
Should you wear the robe open or closed? That depends on your body.
Ladies, wear it open to minimize hips. Wear it closed to show off a narrow waist. Men, wear it open to make your shoulders appear broader. Wear it closed to disguise a tummy. Either way, choose your robe in a color that contrasts with the color of whatever wear underneath. Matching robe sets always make you look bigger.

Look Fit With The Right Fit
Lingerie and underwear should fit slimly, floating over your body without grabbing any rolls along the way. Skip moo-moos and baggy pjs. Pay special attention to elastic; thin elastic bands can dig in and create bulges that you don’t really have. Opt for wide elastic bands or stretch lace.

Play Up Your Assets
Direct your lover’s eyes to your good parts and he/she won’t even notice the rest.
• If you have great legs, wear something short with a perfect pedicure.
• Ladies, if you have a great décolleté (boobies), show it off with a revealing neckline. Play up the neckline for even more attention with beads, lace or sequins.
• Men, if you have wash-board abs, show them off by leaving them bare and wearing low-rise boxers or pajama bottoms.

With a little candle light, a hint of fragrance and careful grooming, it will be the best Valentine’s Day ever!

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