Testimonial – Kathi Looks Like The Innovative Leader She Is


“When I discovered Sarah, I had just transitioned from a corporate role to an entrepreneur. I was finding that, while I was changing on the inside, I was not changing on the outside. I was bringing an energized, impactful and authentic message – transforming businesses to harness the radically new American workplace. However, my clothes were very traditional and out of sync with my brand. I knew I was sending mixed messages and I wasn’t sure how to fix that.

“Now, my image is just as innovative as my business. Sarah’s coaching revealed a whole new world for me. I discovered I was buying clothes that were the wrong proportion and made me look bigger than I really am. I also discovered color – no more all black or all blue for me. Now, I love what I see in the mirror and my clothes make me feel empowered and confident. And, guess what? My clients have noticed and have commented about how much more relaxed, confident and approachable I am!!”


Kathi Crawford is the Founder of People Possibilities LLC. The mission of her company is to be a catalyst for positive, evolutionary change with individuals, groups and organizations. At the heart of People Possibilities is the belief that transitions are extraordinary opportunities for innovation, relationship-building and growth. We empower leaders to transform the workplace by creating innovative solutions for people at work. Click here to find out more about Kathi and her company.

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