How To Dress If You Have A Full Chest asked me “What Shirts Look Best With a Bigger Chest?” Here’s the video I created for them to answer that question….

Thank you  Tweak Style Boutique in Houston, Texas for providing the beautiful space, garments and accessories for the video shoot. All the dressing tips and where-to-buy info is provided below.

Most people with a bigger chest want to minimize the size of their bustline.

To minimize the bustline…

  • Choose shirts that have a higher neckline to cover any cleavage
    •  Tart Lime asymmetrical draped top ($96)
    • Euronecklace with pink stone pendant
  • Choose shirts that are flat and plain around the bustline
    • Custo Barcelona blue Buck Abed top ($78)
    • Serefina chain and feather earrings ($40)
  • Choose shirts with details in the collar and sleeves to direct attention away from the chest area.
    • Georg Roth turquoise button down shirt with floral contrasting collar and cuffs ($147)
    • Pearl and gold hoop earrings ($38)
  • Wear accessories away from the cleavage area – earrings and choker necklaces work well.

Thank you Curtis “Trey” Leitko III of for filming, editing and creating the video.

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