How To Dress When You Are Over 50 asked me “How to Dress When You Are Over 50?” Here’s the video I created for them to answer that question….

Thank you  Tweak Style Boutique in Houston, Texas for providing the beautiful space, garments and accessories for the video shoot. All the dressing tips and where-to-buy info is below.

Dressing when you are over 50 is the same as dressing at any age.

  • Play up your assets
  • Play down play your imperfections
  • Wear the trends that flatter and inspire you.
  • If your joints are more delicate, wear flat shoes.
  • As women age, gravity tends to effect throats, arms, chest and tummy more than the other parts of your bodies. Find stylish clothes that flatter these areas
  • Your shoulders and legs tend to maintain their shapeliness the longest. Show them off!

Here are some examples that work for women of any age…especially women over 50.

  • Choose tops that give you extra room for your tummy but are still fashionable. If you have a slim figure, show it off with some straight jeans:
  • Choose tops that cover your arms. If the neckline is too low for you, you can get some extra coverage by wearing a cami underneath.
  • Show off your shoulders…they will look good forever! If you are self conscious about your lower half, wear a long skirt in a flowey fabric. It will cascades over your body and give you the coverage you want without making you look bigger than you are.
    • Black 6 Degrees cut-out shoulder top ($70)
    • Black 6 Degrees full length skirt ($70)
    • Yellow G linnen scarf ($25)
Thank you Curtis “Trey” Leitko III of for filming, editing and creating the video.

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