Roundup: Shape Wear That Skims, Slims and Controls

Over the past year, I’ve been questing for and testing out body shapers. Here is a round-up of shapers that I’ve tried. Some worked for my apple-shaped body, some not so much!

Torso control

Skineez Tank – This tank is a light smoother for tummies and muffin tops and can be worn as a cami or layering piece. It gives light control and is seamless for an even smoother look. It’s imbedded with light lotion for a soft and smooth feel on the skin. Initially, I was wary of the lotion, but found that it just makes the cami feel soft and there was no sticky or lotion feel. The lotion does have a scent, so if you are sensitive to fragrance this might not be for you.

Slimpressions – These short-sleeve undershirts have powerful smoothing action for arm flab, muffin tops and tummies. It is seamless so it gives a smooth look. It is extra long, so it covers your whole torso and stays in place without riding up. Slimpressions comes in two styles:
1. The Haves – This style covers the breasts and smoothes and minimizes the bust area along with the whole torso.
2. The Have Nots – This style covers the sternum, torso and tummy, but leaves the bust area open so you can wear your own bra and get the neckline, breast shaping and support that’s right for you.
Note, to put this shaper on, step into the garment through the neck opening, pull it up over your torso, place arms into sleeves and slip it over your shoulders. This smoother does a great job, comes in several colors and is quite comfy. The fabric is thick, so it’s a little heavy for hot climates/seasons.

Soma Intimates Vanishing Edge Shapewear Torset – This sleeveless cami smooths the torso, muffins, and tummy areas. The breast area is open so you can wear your own bra. The straps are wide, padded and support the sides of your breasts. This provides GREAT breast shaping and keeps breast tissue from squeezing out arm holes and underarms. The fabric is thick, so it’s a little heavy for hot climates/seasons.

Kymaro New Body Shaper – This shaper looked great in the infomercial. It claimes to smooth out back flab for a super smooth look. It’s made from a mesh fabric that has no give. I tried wearing it, but could not stand how tight and restrictive it was. After wearing it for about a ½-hour I had to stop at a restaurant restroom to get it off!

Yummie Tummie Layering Tank – This is a tank with a tummy control panel. It’s a great idea. However, after wearing the shirt for a while the control panel rode up over my tummy and exposed it to the world. It might work better for pear shaped figures.

Lower Body Control

Va Bien Smooth Couture High Waist Short – This shaper looks a little intimidating with it’s cotton control panel, mesh legs and side boning. The high flat waistband is great for tummy and muffin smoothing, the cotton and mesh make it breathable and cool to wear (especially in hot climates and seasons) and the boning keeps the waist band from rolling and slipping. it’s got just the right power for smoothing without digging in and squeezing out more rolls. I had my doubts when I tried it on…but to my surprise, it’s my favorite shaper yet.

Spanx Skinny Britches– These are lightweight control shorts, briefs and capris that work well for pear-shaped figures. Wear just one for light smoothing or layer them for more powerful control.

DKNY Smoothies – These highwaist leggings have light control. They come in two lengths – capri and ankle-length. They are transluscent and some skin shows through. The fun colors and patterns make them trendy and perfect for peaking out from under shorts, tunics and dresses.

Skineez Slimming & Firming Reversible Leggings – These leggings have light control for full leg smoothing. They are reversible with different colors on each side, so it’s two leggings in one. The leggings are transluscent and some skin shows through, so wear them with longer tunics or dresses.

Yummie Tummie Cotton Wow Leggings – These leggings have the control built right in. They have a wide flat waist band that smooths out tummies and muffins and light control down for thigh to calf smoothing. They are fully opaque, so they’ll even work with short tunics or minidresses.

There are so many new kinds of shapewear in different styles, fabrics and brands. Different ones work better for different figures. If at first you don’t find the right one, keep trying until you find the ones that work for you.

What shapewear have you tried? Liked? Please share your experiences. I’d love to know what works and doesn’t work for you.

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