TV Segment: Fashionably Charged

This story aired on KTRK Channel 13 News on September 10, 2014. Thank you to The Houstonian Hotel Club and Spa for allowing us to shoot in The Sports Shop-tique! The story aired in 2 parts…the  video clips are below. Info about the items shown in the story are below.

Part 1

Part 2

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Technology is fully integrated into our lives. Now, our technology can be integrated into our fashion.

Fashionable women want their tech to be part of their their style, not take away from it. Up until recently, our typical  gadgets have been ugly. Now, tech makers are teaming with fashion designers to conceal our tech in beautiful accessories.

We ask a lot of our cell phones. They are our hot-spots, navigation, music players, video cameras, book readers, and communication devices, so they don’t always have enough juice to get through a full day. Many women carry chargers or charging devices like the Mophie “juice box.”  They are ugly, hard to manage and take up space.

Now these charging devices and other tech items are concealed in stylish accessories and jewelry. There are handbags that can charge cell phones, watches that link to email, fitness trackers that are concealed in jewelry and more. Here are some of the items I found on the market.

Charging PursesMighty Purse – Handbag that charges your cell phone or tablet

  • Charger is concealed in a clutch-size purse
  • It’s easy to use – charge it up from any USB plug on your computer, car charger or even wall plug.
  • Then charge any cell phone or tablet with a mini usb connection inside the purse while you are on the go.
  • Bag is available from The Houstonian Hotel Club Sports Shop (713-685-6719) or
  • Bag with charger $99, iPhone adapter is extra

EverPURSE – Handbag that charges your smart phone (for iPhone 5/5s/5c or Samsung Galaxy S4)

  • Charger is concealed in a clutch-size purse
  • No cords, connectors or adapters are needed to charge your phone or the bag
  • You must get the right bag for your phone
  • Bag and charging mat: $249,

Samsung Gear 2Samsung Galaxy “Watch” – Samsung Galaxy Gear2

  •  “Watch” syncs with Samsung galaxy phones and tablets.
  • This is so convenient. If your cell phone is on mute, you will see the notification on the watch face.
  • Cell phone, camera, text messages, emails and fitness tracker all on your wrist.
  • $199.99 from your cell phone carrier, or Best Buy

Misfit ShineMisFit Shine – Fitness Tracker

  • Wear with a clip, leather band, sport band, or necklace
  • Waterproof to 50 meters, so you can swim or boat with it.
  • Easy to connect and use. Bluetooth sync to an app on your smartphone
  • $99.99, Best Buy, Apple Stores and
  • Necklace $79.99

PhotoGrid_1413308081655Frends Headphones – Headphones with mic

  • Beautiful headphones with interchangeable caps to coordinate with your style.  (caps designed by Rebecca Minkoff and Bauble Bar)
  • Pretty enough to wear around your neck as jewelry
  • Padded earphones are comfortable to wear with earrings
  • Bauble bar rose gold headphones and matching earrings $175
  • Taylor Headphones $200, extra caps $50
  • Shop at

Netatmo June Sun Exposure Bracelet

  • UV sensor concealed in a pretty bracelet.
  • Connects to a smartphone app that tracks your exposure and recommends the right sun protection for you.
  • $99,

Tech-Touch GlovesTech Gloves – J. Jill Fairaisle Smart Gloves with Tech Touch,

  • Tech gloves now look like regular gloves
  • The tech-touch is integrated into the gloves, so they look like normal gloves, but work with your touch-screen devices.
  • Available from J. Jill in mid October $29



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