Why Don’t You Look Good In High Fashion?

alexander mcqueen modelsEver try to recreate a look you saw in a fashion magazine or wear a look from a store mannequin…and discovered that it looks TERRIBLE on you? You aren’t alone. Here’s why these looks don’t work.

When you look at models dressed in a magazine, what size do they appear to be? Open a fashion magazine and look……

Dressed, models usually look like they are a size 6 to 8. Well, we know that fashion models are really a size 00 – 2, so the clothes in magazines and on catwalks visually add 3 to 4 sizes to their frame. So, if you wear the same looks/combination of styles…those clothes will add 3 to 4 sizes to you. If you are a size 6, you’ll look like a size 12 to 14 and if you are a size 14, you’ll look like a size 20 to 22.

ELLE-Feb-13-CoverThis is why the fashion industry calls a size 6 a plus-size model…because, once they dress her, she looks like a plus-size woman.

Wipe your tears. Take a breath. It’s not your body, it’s the clothes.  The fashion machine is for tall women who are a size 00 to size 4. For the rest of us, fashion magazines are for inspiration not imitation.

If you are a size 4 or larger, it’s time to quit taking general dressing advice written by people who have never seen you and stick to the styles that flatter your figure and free your spirit.

6/23/14–Note – Size 4+ can definitely wear high-fashion…it just needs to be worn and styled a different way.

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  1. These comments make sense. I could never wear any of those clothes and have wondered who they were designed for. Thank you Sarah.

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