Spanx Skinny Britches

Skinny Britches – a new line of lite shapers from Spanx – are whisper thin and can be layered to customize the level of compression that’s perfect for you. They come in hipsters (briefs) and shorts (bike shorts) styles. Wear one for smoothing, layer two for shaping or three for super-power!

The Imagine testers tried the shapers to see how they performed. Skinny Britches worked best for smoothing and shaping in the butt, hip and thigh areas.

Our butt/hip/thigh tester found that they fit well in the waist, tightened up the butt area and smoothed out giggles and imperfections in the hips and thighs. She loved the fit under jeans. A single layer did a great job smoothing problems below the waist.

Our tummy tester found the Britches tight in the waist, rolled down from the waist after wearing them for a couple hours and squeezed rolls out the top creating a more lumpy figure. She couldn’t recommend them for smoothing or control in the waist and torso. Rumors are that Skinny Britches will be offered in a high-waist style for smoothing the tummy and waist. Fingers crossed!!

Skinny Britches come in beautiful colors so you can spice things up and have some fun! Wear grape, red, hot pink or teal under black and darker clothing or lilac, jade or haze under lighter clothing. Here’s a link for more info.

Shorts, Hipster, Shorts Layered Over Hipster

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