Field Test – La Prairie Cellular Power Infusion and White Caviar (Part 4 – Day 8 Update)

I’ve been using La Prairie’s Cellular Power Infusion and the White Caviar System consistently morning and night for 7 days so far. Here are updated pictures so you can see the progress.

Day 1 (left) Day 8 (right)

Day 8 – Right side of face, Day 8 – Left side of face

Day 1 (Left), Day 8 (Right)

It’s already making a difference. My face is softer, smoother, the “thinking” lines in my forehead and brow are softening, the under-eye darkness is lighter, and my skin-tone is more even.

On Day 6, I realized that I consistently missed applying the products to the apples of my cheeks…I could tell because the skin-tone on rest of my cheeks was evening out, but the apples were still spotty. That morning I changed the way I applied the products to I get even application across my whole face. I also got very consistent about applying sunscreen every morning to minimize creating any new dark spots.

At the beginning of this test, I used concealer under my eyes, under my nose, on the spots on my cheeks and around the sides of my mouth. Now, I don’t need concealer anywhere on the right side of my face (only under the eye)!

Here is a little video with the results and what I’ve learned so far.

My dream is to be able to skip concealer AND foundation all together. I’m definitely headed in that direction. Will check back in another week with the next update!

Additional updates:

Day 10: the gentle sloughing ended today. My face is still soft, smooth and dewy. I’m not seeing a significant daily lightening of the dark spots as I had up to this point. I guess the spots that are left are deeper in the skin and will take more time to fade.

Day 12: The first vial of Cellular Power Infusion lasted until today. The instructions estimate it will last 7-10 days, but it lasted 12 days.

Here are links to the rest of the series:

Thank you Kevin Hong for shooting my homemade video!

2 Responses to Field Test – La Prairie Cellular Power Infusion and White Caviar (Part 4 – Day 8 Update)

  1. Great post! Can't wait to see the final pics. I've used photo facial before to help with a bunch of freckles on my cheeks and nose which made my nose look dark all the time and my cheeks sunken in. At $200 a pop and needing 6-8 treatments for good results, this too is expensive. It worked well for me, but could use a bit more treatments. However, I believe people with darker complexions have varied results and it would never be able to help with those dark under eye circles that bother us all. Bottom line, self improvement measures cost money, but if they make us feel younger, prettier, or more self confident, then go for it!!!

  2. Tiffany, thank you so much for sharing you photofacial experience! It's definitely an alternative for fair skin tones. I haven't tried them myself, but I've also heard that it's not always recommended for medium to dark skin tones. What kind of skincare did the spa recommend for you between treatments?

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