TV Segment: How To Buy A Flattering Swim Suit

This story aired on Great Day Houston on May 13, 2015. Thank you Dillard’s for providing the swimsuits, accessories and location for the shoot! All the tips and suit details are below. Here’s a video clip of the story. Thanks for watching!

Finding the right swim suit can be a trying experience. Most women try on a few suits, begin to focus on their flaws, get upset and give up or settle for something that isn’t right.

Only 10% of what you see in a store is for you and your figure. The rest is for other people with other preferences and physical characteristics. Getting a great suit depends on two things: 1) knowing what works for you and, 2) having the stamina to try on enough suits to find ones that flatter your figure and your flaws.

Bathing suit designers are getting smarter and make lots of great suits. Many don’t look promising on the hanger but are very flattering on a real woman’s body.

Today I brought some models with different body types to show you how to find the most flattering swimsuit styles.


Model 1: Paola

PhotoGrid_1431670537811Paola’s top half is a size small and her bottom half is a size large, so she has trouble finding a suit fits and that balances her proportions.

  • When you are different sizes, mix and match bathing suit tops and bottoms to find the best combination.
  • When you are bigger on the bottom, look for a top that adds volume to your bust. This top is lighter in color and has lots of  fringe that makes her bust look bigger.
  • A swim skirt is universally flattering. It makes full hips look smaller and makes slim hips look curvier.

What Paola is wearing

Model 2: Stella

PhotoGrid_1431671136059Stella is a mom and had 2 c-sections. She’s self conscious about her scars and stretch marks.

  • These high waisted briefs hug Stella’s cute figure and cover her scars. Win-win.
  • Highwaisted briefs are unpredictable…they look scary on the hanger, but they can work for lots of different figures. The only way to find out if they work for you is to try them on. Always try two pairs – one in a bright color and one in a dark color like black before you decide if you like them.
  • Stella’s bust is a bit smaller than her hips, so this ruffle top adds some volume to her chest and balances out her figure.

What Stella is wearing

Model 3: Rasheeda

PhotoGrid_1431670100089The next model is Rasheeda. She is also self-conscious about her tummy.

  • Basic one-piece bathing suits hug the whole body – curves AND flaws. Modern suits are more forgiving and flatter all of the scary areas of our bodies.
  • This one-piece suit hugs her waist, bust and hips and then floats over her tummy.
  • It also has this genius tie and drape that is so pretty and distracting that you don’t even see the tummy underneath.

What Rasheeda is wearing:

Model 4: Jackie

PhotoGrid_1431670932814Jackie  wants a suit that gives her support and coverage without being frumpy.

  • For support, look for a well-made suit with thick fabrics, tight stitching and linings. These suits are stronger and will support your bust and booty.
  • This halter top has secure straps and well constructed cups so it supports Jackets bust. And it is still fashionable and sexy. The sheer fabric shows a little cleavage and the halter is chic.
  • The bathing suit bottom has a full back for support and coverage. The higher cut leg openings give a sexier look so it doesn’t look matronly.

What Jackie is wearing:

Behind The Scenes

It takes a village to create a TV segment! Reporter Courtney Perna was the on air talent AND producer! Don Golding with Dillard’s made sure we had any suit we needed and a great spot for shooting. Jamie Ward was dedicated to the models – she escorted them, assisted them with dressing and took a bazillion photos!

PhotoGrid_1431672612739 PhotoGrid_1431672121109

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