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TV Segment: What To Wear To A Pool Party

TV Segment: What To Wear To A Pool Party

This story airs on Great Day Houston on July 9, 2o15. The video clip and photos will be posted below as soon as it airs. Thank you to The Houstonian Hotel, Club & Spa for the beautiful location.

This is the season for parties at the pool, beach and on a boat. Dressing for these parties is tricky, dressing up is expected, but the environment plays havoc on your outfit. After 10 minutes in the heat, humidity and splashing water, most people are a hot mess.

There is a way to look elegant, classy and polished despite the hellish environment…create your look from clothes made for the water and water-proof accessories and makeup.

PhotoGrid_1436534907188Clothing – Let’s start with the base outfit…choose clothes made from fabrics made for the water.

  • Athleta makes swim dresses that look like real dresses…and they are made from bathing suit material. There are lots of different styles and they come in plus sizes too! Tommy Bahama has a line of “spa dresses” that are made of bathing suit material and come with matching swimsuit bottoms.
  • Trina Turk makes matching cover-up pants and skirts for  her swimsuits, so you can make a real outfit from these pieces. Heather is wearing a bikini top and matching coverup pants. You could also choose a tankini or tunic top for more coverage.
  • Houston’s Sameera Faridi is designing a line of caftans for swimsuit coverups and lounge-wear. They are so elegant you can wear them from the resort pool to yacht to restaurant. They are machine-washable and stain resistant, so lotions and oils come right out in the washing machine.
  • Here is another take on the sexy dress. Soft Surrounding’s one piece sarong swimsuit has a built-in chiffon skirt. For swimming, the sarong gathers up into a belt for easy movement in the water.
  • Neoprene is made for the water…in fact it’s the material that wetsuits are made from. This year, there are lots of separates and dresses made from neoprene. These are great for seaside parties!

IMG_20150709_163822Now let’s put on the finishing touches! There are lot’s of waterproof accessories that are practical and beautiful.

Shoes – Regular shoes get ruined when they get wet. These pretty shoes and sandals are all made of plastic, so they are perfect for parties by the water!

  • Melissa Shoes made the original “Jellies” in the 1980s. Now they have evolved into pretty platforms and wedges. Some are sold at the Houstonian’s club shop.
  • Crocs are known for ugly clogs…but they also make cute sandals and wedges…all made from their comfy foamy croc material.

IMG_20150709_161705Jewelry – Some jewelry doesn’t hold up to chlorine or salt water. These pieces will…

  • Natural stones and prescious metals are water-safe. Texas-own Amy Holton Designs makes some beautiful pool-friendly pieces.
  • Resin, lucite and plastic jewelry is also waterproof. The pieces in the story are from my personal collection. Find similar pieces at many department, specialty, discount and online stores. Check out these pieces from Pono.
  • Temporary matalic jewelry tattoos are another options.

PhotoGrid_1436476065037Bags – You don’t have to settle for a cheap plastic beach bag. You can carry a real handbag!!

  • Save My Bags are made of neoprene. That’s the material that wet-suits are made of, so they are fine with water. (The bags shown in the story are sold at The Houstonian club shop.)
  • Hayden Harnette makes more understated water-resistant nylon handbags and totes.

IMG_20150709_155010Makeup – Makeup  is the finishing touch. Regular makeup melts off in just a few minutes.

  • Mascara isn’t the only waterproof makeup…all of Bobbi Brown makeup shown in the story is waterproof and long-wearing – from foundations, to eye colors to liners and lipstick. I’ve tried all of it in a pool…and it really works.
  • Long-wear makeup stays put…so application is a little different. You need to use a patting/dabbing motion like stencil-painting. I recommend going to the makup counter and letting the makeup artists there show you how to apply it.
  • For removal, use makup remover or wipes.
  • I tried the makeup in the pool…and it really is waterproof. Click here to see the pool test.

PhotoGrid_1436534131589Outfit details: here is a detailed list of all the items worn by me and the models.

Model 1 – Jennifer

PhotoGrid_1436532575799Model 2 – Heather


  • Sameera Faridi zebra caftan (contact Sameera for ordering info at
  • PhotoGrid_1436531007277Croc’s Shoes – Cypress V heel
  • Jewelry – Venetian glass earrings and pendant from Sarah’s personal collection



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