La Prairie Field Test – Final Results (Part 7)

Evening out skin tone and fading age spots is an exercise in patience and commitment. No matter what product line you use, you’ve got to use the fading and sunscreen products consistently every day. That addresses the three causes of darkening

(1)   today’s surface darkening from the sun;

(2)   recent scars from picking/injuring anything on your face; and most importantly

(3)   calms the melanocytes (the cells that are over producing the melanin) that are deep in the skin, so the new skin that appears is spot free. It takes months for that new skin to rise up from the deep layers…so the care you take today will show up in 8 to 12weeks…or longer.

More info about these processes is in Part 1 of this series (links below).

La Prairie White Caviar is the best system I’ve tried. It makes my skin super soft and has done a great job fading my spots. At week 20, I’m in the plateau period….the majority of my spots are gone (yeah!!!), and there are still a few spots that persist on my cheeks and chin. I’m not quite ready to face the world bare-faced, without concealer or foundation. The difference is that I use sheerer formulas of foundation and much less concealer and foundation than at the beginning of the field test.

As this field test comes to a close, I’m continuing on…patiently and persistently…looking for more over the counter products without hydroquinone that fade these spots.

Thank you for following along with the test. I’d love to know what products you’re using and what’s working for you. Thank you La Prairie for so generously providing the products for my field test.  Here are links to the rest of the posts in the La Prairie Field Test series:

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