Sarah Shah works one-on-one with individuals, conducts workshops, speaks to  corporations, conferences and organization, and appears on TV. Here’s what clients are saying… Continue Reading

Testimonial – Decoding Your Personal Style Workshop

Testimonial – Decoding Your Personal Style Workshop

Angela attended the “Discover Your Personal Style” workshop.  Here’s what she had to say about it… “To say this workshop was amazing would be an understatement. Sarah’s Genius is helping others discover their own unique wisdom and beauty – and giving them the clarity and confidence to reveal their brilliance in their second skin –… Continue Reading

Client Testimonial – Steve’s Trip To "Oprah’s House" With BFF Gail!

Client Steve Mattus got invited to share his experience on the Gail King Show! Here’s his story. “I got booked for my first TV Appearance – an interview with Gayle King (OWN) celebrating the finale of The Oprah Winfrey Show – and it was LIVE! It was completely surreal to walk the hallways and sit… Continue Reading

Testimonial – Kathi Looks Like The Innovative Leader She Is

“When I discovered Sarah, I had just transitioned from a corporate role to an entrepreneur. I was finding that, while I was changing on the inside, I was not changing on the outside. I was bringing an energized, impactful and authentic message – transforming businesses to harness the radically new American workplace. However, my clothes… Continue Reading

Testimonial – What A Turnout!

“Yorkshire Academy was thrilled to have Sarah Shah as a speaker for our Parent Education Series. She not only brought in more parents than we often have at our seminars, but they were all totally engaged the whole time. Sarah has a way of relating to each participant so that they become comfortable and excited… Continue Reading

Testimonial – Fashion Quandry Turned Fashion Queen

“I hosted a private ‘The Accessory Adventure’ for my bridal party as a fun and unique alternative to the bridesmaids’ luncheon. At the workshop, I learned how to layer and group accessories in a creative and exciting way. Now I have the confidence to express my fun and funky side. No more boring matchy-matchy necklace… Continue Reading