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HeadShot To HotShot: How To Get A Great Photo

HeadShot To HotShot: How To Get A Great Photo

There’s so much pressure for speakers, entrepreneurs, realtors and people in business to put photos of themselves on their websites and blogs. Lot’s of people fall into the trap of putting amateur pictures online. You know how it goes – put on a little extra makeup, your favorite outfit and get Cousin Susie’s daughter who… Continue Reading

TV Lesson: Cookie Cutter Images Don’t Work On TV

TV Lesson: Cookie Cutter Images Don’t Work On TV

Shawn Laughlin of Caskata, is a successful business owner and designer of high-end, artisanal paper goods and table wear that are unique and spec-ta-cu-lar!! She recently appeared on The Nate Show – the perfect platform for Shawn to present her products to her target market. The information Shawn presented and the products she demonstrated were… Continue Reading

5 Tips For Looking Good On Camera

More and more people are using photos and videos to promote their business. These visuals can make or break you. Viewers make assumptions about how well you do what you do and what it’s like to work with you. Good pictures promote your business by building trust, demonstrating professionalism and making potential customers feel comfortable… Continue Reading

You Might Be Speaking, But Do They Hear You? – Image Tips For Speakers

    The content of a speech is more important than the image of the speaker. However, people hear what they see. If you’re a speaker, your audience won’t trust what you say unless your image supports your words. In January 2011, an expert appeared on the news to give advice about how to have… Continue Reading

Testimonial – Kathi Looks Like The Innovative Leader She Is

“When I discovered Sarah, I had just transitioned from a corporate role to an entrepreneur. I was finding that, while I was changing on the inside, I was not changing on the outside. I was bringing an energized, impactful and authentic message – transforming businesses to harness the radically new American workplace. However, my clothes… Continue Reading

Could Wearing The Wrong Thing Cost You Your Vote?

If you vote, Election Day is one of the most important days to pay attention to what you wear. You can be denied access to polling places just for wearing the wrong thing. Electioneering ordinances prohibit campaigning within a certain distance of the entrance to a polling place (distances vary by county). This means wearing… Continue Reading

A Tale Of Two Images

With more people working from home and business casual becoming the dominant dress code in corporate America, there’s a tendency to dress more and more casually for business meetings and interactions. Does what you wear really make a difference? Aren’t results really based on your capabilities and performance in business? Recently, I got to be… Continue Reading